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What is FI Anyway?

So you have found your way on to this blog and are now wondering what the heck this “FI” thing is all about and perhaps asking yourself why you should learn more about it. The only way to find out the answer to those questions is to well… keep reading.

To get started, “FI” stands for “Financial Independence”. Time to bring in one of our sidekicks for a formal definition; take it away Professor Dictionary ….

Finance:  “The science or study of the management of funds”

Well thanks Professor, but that’s super boring.  I guess that’s why you are the sidekick. Next…

Independence:  “Not subject to control by others”

Okay; now that’s a bit more interesting! Sounds like something actually worth fighting for.  I mean, I don’t think anyone really WANTS to be dependent on or subject to control by anyone or anything; yet it seems like everyone is in some capacity. Dr. Debt and Sorcerer Spendy make sure of this!

So if we put it all together, Financial Independence is essentially managing your money and making it work for you rather than allowing it to control you. This in turn enables you to live the life you want to live rather than one that is chosen for you. When you are Financially Independent you can live a life debt free and make choices based on your own needs and wants. 

Nice! This is ultimately what FI Girl and I are working towards. It’s an exciting journey with endless possibilities and it has us really fired up about our future. At times it might seem like a far fetched outrageous pipe dream, but with a bit of planning, it is completely doable. The math just works.

In fact there is a whole community out there of other folks who have chosen to follow the path to FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) which again just shows that this is not just a pipe dream and it’s not just for the rich or famous. And if you are thinking this is only for young trust fund kids that don’t have kids of their own, you are mistaken. There are numerous people, at just about every age, and at varying levels of wealth, who are on their own FI journey. A number of which, do have children and still make it work for them. Wow! Count us in!

So Why FI?

So why should you care about FI? Financial Freedom is not so much about quitting Corporate America as it is about having options and living life on your own terms. When you are financially independent you can choose to do more of what you love. You can quit Corporate America if you want to, travel when you have the desire to or just spend more time with the people that matter most to you. It’s about living your dream and not the one that’s been defined for you by society, family or Corporations.

So we ask you, what makes you come alive? And how much of that are you actually doing? If given the opportunity would you do more of it?

If you answered “yes” to that last question then forget what society says is “normal”. Kick normal in the face!  That’s what we have started doing and we want to share our experience with you because we are already starting to feel more alive everyday now that we have a renewed sense that we can regain control over our lives.

So why are we so passionate about becoming FI? To answer that, we’re going to have to give you a bit more insight in to FI Girl and FI Guy. Buckle your seat belts and stay tuned for the FI Girl Origin Story.


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