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Plotting Our Escape

After years of living life from inside a cube, landing in the ER and finally coming to the realization that neither one of us were truly happy, we began plotting our escape and planning our path to Financial Freedom.

So listen up. Here’s the master plan…

Within the next 2 years we plan to:

  1.  Sell everything we own that doesn’t fit in to a carryon and a back pack
  2. Get our passive income to exceed our expenses
  3. Quit Corporate America
  4. Travel more
  5. Focus on our health and well being
  6. Rediscover our passions and purpose
  7. Live and experience life
  8. Give back

Some of you may think we are crazy and this plan is impossible and improbable but we hope to prove you wrong. Just one of the many drivers for writing this blog is to put our goals out there to the Universe so that we feel a sense of accountability and stay on track even when faced with diversity and the backlash from societal norms.

We also want to share our experience with all who will listen in hopes that others will learn from our mistakes (Why should you repeat them?) and gain from our successes. We certainly look forward to learning and hearing from you throughout our journey and yours.

We are really FIRED up about the path that we are on and we hope you will join us on our journey. We plan to share all of the ups, downs and the nitty gritty of everything in between. Including FI tips, travel tricks and loads of real world experiences.

Let the countdown begin!

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