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Guest Post: Sorcerer Spendy

These FI Heroes talk a big game about being frugal.  Well, have you ever heard of “Fake News”?  Cause that’s what they are posting here!

FI Heroes are just two FAT CATS who live a life of luxury. 

Let me prove it with their own numbers!  Using my sorcerer powers I was able to gain access to all their spending in the last year. And wouldn’t you know it? They actually gave themselves a sizeable budget. Their Mint account tells the whole story right in the budgets tab.

It starts off innocent enough with things like groceries, transportation and home expenses:


Wait. Did I read that right?  They spend $8,000 per year just on property tax?  Let’s look into that more.  On Mint their house is linked up to Zillow… Get this… just for the two of them, they live in a 2700 square foot palace!  I knew they were full of it! Frugal fakes.

And parking costs them $3,250 a year just to park in the city for work?  I mean really, FI Girl, you could probably save a whole $400 each year if you parked at the train station, switched trains midway then walked 20 minutes to get to work.  All you have to do is make sure you don’t miss your connecting train and you’d only lose an extra hour a day commuting than driving!

So let’s see what else these “Super Spenders” are hiding…

Taking a ride on the SPEND TRAIN!!!!! 

$4,000 in training?!?!?  I thought these two were planning on RETIRING in less than two years sitting on some beach somewhere for the rest of their lives.  What are they doing investing in themselves if they aren’t going to work anymore?

And all that money on non-grocery food:  $3,250 on restaurants, $1,200 on work food and $500 for DUNKIN DONUTS COFFEE?!?!?

Who do these people think they are writing a FI blog when they plan to spend $2,500 each year to vacation:  for just the two of them!

All of this adds up to $38,080 for their budget.  And look at that…They ended up actually spending $39,000! So all of this was planned. 

I think they need to join Team Spendy instead of writing more articles! Give up now!

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