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FI Guy’s Origin Story (Sort of)


In the last episode you learned a little about FI Girl’s origin story. This week let’s find out more about FI Guy and how he fits in to the picture….

Time is the most precious resource. 

It is finite and we never know exactly how much we have in total.  I’ve seen too many people work their entire lives only to pass away after illness just a few short months or years after retiring.

The clock counts down and we are blind to it our entire lives.  Sure we can do things that will decrease the probability of its end point coming sooner but there are no guarantees.  That’s why time is a resource I do not want to squander.

My origin story is different than FI Girl’s.  I don’t really have a collection of “eureka” moments that drove me down this path.  More of a gradual realization that I am trading my limited time away on things I don’t enjoy the most in my life.

I like my job.  I like my coworkers, my customers and my management.  In a given day there are a lots of things I get to do, that I actually LIKE doing.  But its still a job; they are paying me to be there.

You ask a little kid what they want to be when they grow up and they never say “in middle management at a big corporation”. 

There are plenty of things I’d rather be doing than working which is why we set out our goal to exit early.

My time gets split between competing priorities:

  • Work
  • Sleep
  • Commuting
  • Quality time with FI Girl
  • Quality time with friends / family
  • Travel
  • Chores (House / Bills / Other)
  • Health Working Out
  • Media (Shows / Games / Internet)
  • Other

There are 8760 hours in a year.

So how many hours do I currently dedicate to these priorities?

  • Work – 2500
  • Sleep – 2550
  • Commuting – 300
  • Quality time with FI Girl – 350
  • Quality time with friends / family – 250
  • Travel – 250
  • Chores (House / Bills / Other) – 250
  • Health / Working Out – 200
  • Media (Shows / Games / Internet) – 910
  • Other – 1200

If I were to rank them in how much I enjoy them it’d be in this order:

  1. Quality time with FI Girl – 350
  2. Quality time with friends / family – 250
  3. Travel – 250
  4. Media (Shows / Games / Internet) – 910
  5. Working Out – 200
  6. Sleep – 2550
  7. Work – 2500
  8. Commuting – 300
  9. Chores (House / Bills / Other) – 250
  10. Other – 1200

It wasn’t until we sat down to really talk about what we do with our time that we became aware of just how much of our time we spend doing things that don’t make us happy.

The goal is to re-imagine life where I maximize the things I like the most, while minimizing the things I like the least. 

With this goal in mind, if I stopped working that would free up 2800 hours (including commuting).  If we sold the house then most of the chores would be eliminated and even more hours would free up.  Those extra hours could be reallocated to my top three.  A trade I’d make any day.

Our vision is to continuously travel the world for 8 months out of the year which would be a double bonus combo counting for both quality time with FI Girl and Traveling (My #1 and #3).  The remaining 4 months of the year we would be spending with friends / family.  Everything we are doing up to this point is to allow this version of our lives to become a reality. Luckily, in our case, we are very fortunate to both be on the same page when it comes to this new found goal / plan.

So in less than 2 years when I leave my employer and sell our house, it’s not because I hate my current life.  I just know it’s not the most optimal use of my time.  I’d much prefer to see the world and spend more time with those I’m close with; something I believe a lot of people would do if they were fortunate to have that choice (or even see that it is a choice).

Have you ever done this self-analysis of where your time currently goes?  Does it match the vision of your optimal version of your life?


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