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Fat Cats Fight Back II

A response to Guest Post: Sorcerer Spendy Pants

In our last episode we highlighted a key flaw in our Guest Post from Sorcerer Spendy which revealed loads of things that we are not spending money on. Because of the life choices we have made, such as to not spend money on things that don’t make us any happier (when we can help it) , FI Guy and I will hopefully be able to expedite our plan to retire early.

Could we be saving even more? Sure!

But when it really comes down to it, we don’t have to make a ton of changes to get our expenditures down even more which is a bonus! Of course I do have to draw the line somewhere (Fat Cat Fancy Pants, I know).

So let’s talk about a few things that Sorcerer Spendy mentioned:

  1. Commuting costs:

    • Sure. I could take public transportation and save about $400 more a year but I have been there and done that and it’s not worth the extra time or losing more of my sanity. (Fi Guy is cringing right now. I can hear him saying “That’s so not FI Hero-like”)

    • So while my commute still sucks ass, I am at least in my own car not being coughed on, groped or sweated on by complete strangers or getting stuck because of “signal problems”, cancelled trains or some other BS excuse.

    • Someday I will write about the 8+ years I did spend taking public transportation to and from work and the real cost of commuting. The stories I have will frighten and surprise you.

    • If we were really going all in,  we would be doing things like biking to work or using our super powers to fly or teleport. Cars cost money and having 2 of them to commute to jobs that are in opposite directions isn’t very financially responsible. 

  2. Training / Education costs:

    • I have to admit that I’m sort of a class junkie and this # is going to have to come way down…eventually.

    • While I am working, taking classes is something that keeps me sane (well sort of).

    • I’m really big into personal and spiritual development and have several hobbies. I’m fairly certain I’m a “forever student” but that’s ok. This makes me really happy.

    • In retirement I will be spending much of my time traveling so training / education for will likely become learning and experiencing as much about the culture, history and language(s) of where we are staying as we can. Most of this type of learning I anticipate will be free or close to it. 

  3. Dunkin Coffee costs:

    • Non-negotiable. I need caffeine to survive. More specifically; Dunkin.

    • Ok just kidding. This is definitely an area that I need to work on. Perhaps I’ll start brewing coffee at home (Still Dunkin) and bringing it to work.

  4. Health/Beauty costs:

    • Come on, a girl has to look good and as I get older it doesn’t get easier or cheaper.

    • Of course, until we started tracking it, I didn’t realize I was spending so much. Wowza!

    • Now I will definitely be on the hunt to find similar products and services for less! Oh and that travel well too!

  5. Home Ownership costs:

    • We would love to get this # down but we are already spending WAY less on home related costs than most of our friends and family.

    • Unfortunately there’s not too much we can do to shave this number down while we are still living in our current home.

    • We already mow our own lawn, have gotten our security monitoring bills down to $8 per month, cut cable completely and only pay $9 per month for Netflix,  got rid of the home phone line and pay $69 per month for Internet.

    • We do hope to sell our house at the end of the two years barring no unforeseen delays like a full blown market crash.

So yeah, I’ll admit there’s still room to squeeze just a little bit more savings out of us. I know we can do better and I’m going to keep an eye out for ways to save even more during this final stretch and fight for the finish line.

Are there a few expenditures you can cut down or cut out right now to start saving towards your future? Look for those quick wins. It’s ok to start small!

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