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Cleaning House

Holy Cow FI Guy! How did we amass so much stuff in such a short amount of time?

So I’m ashamed to admit that we have what we call “clothes piles” and “a junk room”. They are things we are not proud of and to be quite honest, most of them are my fault. For some reason I seem to associate feelings with things and have what feels like a real emotional attachment to stuff.

For me it’s as if throwing away an item means I’m throwing away a memory or a part of me

I mean… what if I need it sometime down the road for something? I’ll eventually fit back in to those pants…right? This is the commentary that often runs through my mind when I’m “cleaning house”.

I don’t really know where all of that comes from but I can say it runs in my family and so for me its sort of a norm. I come from a family that holds on to everything and I mean everything. Every piece of paper, every birthday card, every trinket and every article of clothing that has ever been given to me…ever… I have squirreled away somewhere.

FI Guy on the other hand, has anxiety over the clutter.

I have always joked that I’m giving him free therapy for his problem and haven’t really faced my own problem

Until now….I recognize in order for us to meet our goal and live the life we have dreamed about, we will need to get rid of everything that doesn’t fit in to our backpacks and carry-ons.

Wow. Just the thought of that, while scary, is a relief. Like a weight lifting off my shoulders. I actually feel really excited about not having so much clutter and to release some of the attachments I have to things. I’m excited to spend more of my time and money on making memories and experiences than on clutter and cleaning.

So the chaos stops here and now. (Bye, bye Captain Clutter)

 Over the next several weeks I am going to make a concerted effort to:

  • Clear the clutter from each room in the house. Including papers, cards, boxes, etc.
  • Get rid of nonfunctional items
  • Get rid of clothes that no longer fit or I don’t wear

I am making a promise to myself to:  Donate, give away, throw away and BE OK.

Take a look around and ask yourself what you are holding on to and think about how it would feel to let some of it go. Join me in challenging yourself to clear some of that clutter you’ve been holding on to. Set a goal of how many items you will donate, give away or throw away each day, week or month. (Just maybe don’t announce that we’re doing this to FI Guy just yet, ok? He’s a bit of a stickler for meeting schedules and goals and such.)


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