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Month: November 2017

Boat Life

Over the years, we found cruise vacations to have the most bang for their buck (for us at least). Part of our plan, when we officially become nomads, is to be on a big boat for one third of the year (or more). 

Sounds expensive right? Well, we have run into lots of retirees who just live on a cruise ship and chain itineraries indefinitely because it’s cheaper or comparable to the costs of living in a retirement community. 

If this sounds interesting to you then read on…

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Value Cruising

A common stereotype of people who are pursuing early retirement is that they are so frugal that they cut out all of the fun in their lives. We beg to differ as we feel we live a life of luxury. Learn how we travel in style by value cruising.

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Freeze That Spending

Did you know that most Americans barely save 5% and wish they could save just 10-15% of their earnings?  Accomplishing the latter goal only puts them on track for a traditional retirement, which means, working 40ish years of their life. So what can you do to achieve your financial independence and early retirement goals?

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